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Our focus is to improve the health and happiness of those we serve. We will handpick your home health care team to best match the expertise of our highly-trained medical professionals to the patient’s needs. During our initial visit to your home, we will work closely with you and your physician to assess your specific requirements in order to establish the most effective Plan of Care. The patients and caregivers are always the center of our attention, and we are fully committed to improving your overall quality of life.

As dedicated as our team is to your recovery, you are also an integral part of your success. Your commitment, cooperation and courage is going to make a major difference in your long-term health, and our staff will help you get there through skill and compassion.

Whether you are recovering from surgery or illness, or living with a chronic disease like diabetes or COPD, Home Health Bay Area can make hospital visits shorter and less frequent with home-based skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and the comprehensive management of your condition. By working closely with your physician to coordinate all aspects of your care, we will help you recover and regain your independence.

The primary benefits of home health care include:

  • Receiving treatment in the comfort of the patient’s home

  • Easier for family and friends to visit

  • Provides greater safety from infections and promotes healing

  • Allows for increased freedom and independence

  • More affordable than inpatient care

  • Tailored to the specific needs of each individual patient

  • Reduces re-hospitalization rate

Please inquire – we are constantly expanding our network of insurance companies.

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